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Getting on Board.....

Getting On Board with Christianity has to do with how we see life and what we think about Jesus.  It can be quite difficult to pin down where it all begins as we tend to come at it in different ways. 

Many people think that life is just the period between birth and death.  After death there’s nothing, they say.  Certainly there will be no assessment of how they’ve lived.  Some may joke about going to heaven or hell - but they don’t really believe in either. 
Some think there may be life beyond death.  They reckon that if there is an assessment of their life, their good deeds will outweigh what they call their slip-ups or imperfections.  They imagine that the positive balance will earn them access to heaven - even to life as an angel!

Christian Believers hold a point of view taught in the Bible.  First, it teaches that God, who is PERFECT, makes and keeps all life.  So death, as we know it, is a passage to another phase of life.

Next it teaches that we all make mistakes and no one is perfect accept GOD. Our imperfections are what we call sin and that sin has no place beside God.  In other words, as sinners we could never be in heaven even if we did have a credit balance of good behaviours, accept by GOD's grace.

The Bible also teaches that God loves us and because of that love His Son, Jesus, came to earth and was crucified taking our sins to the cross with Him.  So when we turn to God, saying sorry for our sins and asking Him to forgive us because of Jesus, He gives us New Life here and now with His Holy Spirit to help us live for Him - Jesus becomes Lord of our lives.  We call this Salvation.  It is the Getting On Board process.

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