Barnstaple Baptist Church

Connecting people to Jesus Christ

Church Membership....

People who come to Jesus Christ for salvation become members of God’s Family at the same time. They become part of the Body of Christ - the Church Worldwide.

Some Believers say there’s no need for any other church membership.
But when we consider a local group, or congregation, commitment to membership helps establish group identity.  In the case of the Christian Church this refers to maintaining a Bible based faith. 

Some groups differ so markedly in the faith they hold that we need to distinguish ourselves from them.  This would be true of groups such as Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Commitment to Church membership also helps to ensure group order, its structure, organisation and good function. 

A local church is a group of Believers, brought together by the Holy Spirit to worship Almighty God in praise, prayer and Communion and to serve Him.  This service includes making Jesus known to others and God’s mercy and saving grace.

Our church normally has a minister and trustees appointed to leadership in the church by the members.  These people are guides rather than executives.  Since we believe in what we call The Priesthood Of All Believers each member has a role to play and the privilege to be heard in the Church Business Meeting. 

Major decisions in the life of the church are taken in these meetings.  This includes the appointment of ministers and trustees, the agreeing of financial policy and budgets and the determining of mission outreach.

New members recognising the Commitment involved are normally acknowledged and welcomed at a service of Communion.

Church Members put themselves under the authority of the Biblical Faith as stated by the church; and under the authority of church leaders according to the order which the church has established.

Church Membership and the election of leaders is governed by the Church Constitution which is adopted from the Baptist Union of Great Britain's guidelines