Barnstaple Baptist Church

Connecting people to Jesus Christ

Sunday Morning Services...

So if you pluck up courage and come to church what can you expect?

Firstly, as you come through the door you will be welcomed and possibly given a news sheet. The area you come into is the vestibule. Sometimes before a service people will be talking to one another in this area. Hopefully somebody will be available to show you to a seat in the main area which is called the sanctuary. There are no designated seats so you can sit wherever you like. It is probably better to sit in the central block of seats but it's entirely your choice. By the  way they are seats now, not pews. If you arrive early there will not be too many people there though probably the musicians will be playing over some of the tunes we will be singing later.

As people come in some will greet one another and others will sit quietly  waiting for the Service to begin. You will not have been given a hymn book as the words of the hymns and songs are projected onto a screen in front of the congregation. You may have been given a Bible or you may find one on a seat close to you. Many people prefer just to listen rather than follow in a book.

Although there are variations in the order of events normally one of the Trustees (church leaders) gives out any notices there may be and welcomes the speaker for the morning. Usually the congregation stands to sing a hymn then there will be a prayer usually led by the speaker.   There will be a reading from the Bible at some stage in the Service There will certainly be more hymns and songs and prayers. Usually we stand for hymns, sit for prayers and possibly sit for songs. The leader of the service directs us which to do or we can follow what those around  us are doing. There is no problem if somebody needs to sit rather than stand at any time. Occasionally the leader will suggest a time of open prayer. This means that people in the congregation can say out loud any prayers that are on their hearts. There is no pressure on people to pray aloud if they are not comfortable with this. Quite often we all join together in saying the Lord's prayer. There is a message (sermon). An offering is taken up at some time in the Service. It is an opportunity for members and regular attenders to give towards the upkeep and expenses of the church and its activities. It is not expected that visitors contribute although we are of course pleased if they want to. Many members do not give at this time as they have made other arrangements for regular giving. So there is no need to feel embarrassed in letting the bag pass you by. After the last hymn the congregation remain standing for a blessing. We then sit again  for a moment's reflection before joining our friends for a tea or coffee and  biscuit in the adjoining fellowship room.

If visitors do not have to hurry away we very much enjoy meeting them over the cuppa’ and getting to know them. It is amazing how many connections there often are between some of our members and our visitors.

So come and join us we do not bite!

Begins 10:30am every Sunday. Check the calendar for more details